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Kasilof Enterprises is proud to be a distributor of Redpaw premium feeds.

Q: What’s makes Redpaw Feed different from traditional dog feeds?

A: The Redpaw Nutritional Difference for Your Dog

Redpaw makes high-performance nutritional products for dogs. Our foods, supplements, and snacks are designed from the ground up to help your dog achieve the highest level of performance possible. Our products are developed and tested on working dogs under working conditions. Redpaw customers have discovered that only the best nutrition allows their athletic dogs to outperform their competition.

Redpaw works for you by providing your dog the proper diet by completely balancing amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates to provide your dog with the best possible nutrition for a healthy dog from the inside out.

By combining premium ingredients, Redpaw has engineered several varieties designed to provide your sporting or working dog with the nutritional diet that it needs for helping to build a strong, healthy dog.

Redpaw was designed to meet the nutritional demands of dogs - not by what looks good on the label. Redpaw is proud to be made in the USA.
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